Industrial Systems

Recycling Sciences Industrial Distillation Systems are solvent recyclers designed for higher volume solvent waste streams in distinct batches. These batch systems range in size from the RSI-14, with a 14 gallon batch distillation tank, to the RSI-55 with a 55 gallon batch distillation tank capacity.

Each can recycle a wide variety of solvents used in most industrial processes, through heat distillation. Recycling Sciences recovers those solvents a batch at a time. For details of solvent recovery by distilling solvents in a continuous stream, click on the ‘‘Continuous Flow'' button to the left.

For information on Industrial solvent recycling distillation systems of specific sizes, click on the detail buttons to the left. The number in the product code is the distillation batch tank capacity in gallons.

In all Recycling Sciences solvent recovery systems, depending on the contaminate of the solvent, the residue can either be contained in a high temperature cooking bag or easily wiped out of the shiny stainless steel tank. The amount of hazardous waste that must be properly disposed of is drastically reduced and disposal costs, including transportation costs, new solvent purchases and EPA paper work are cut to a minimum. Recycling Sciences Industrial systems can pay for themselves in less than six months.

All Recycling Sciences Industrial systems are designed for the safe solvent recovery of volatile and flammable solvents. Each is designed to be explosion proof and is therefore well suited to distillation of flammable solvent. The Recycling Sciences Industrial solvent recycling systems below 30 gallon batch capacity are portable and can be operated anywhere in the plant or factory that has adequate ventilation. All require a 240 Volt electrical connection and each is built to withstand vacuum. The RSI-55 skid mounted systems include a vacuum as standard equipment. Many Industrial plants have discovered they save up to 95% by solvent recycling on site, and reusing their solvents, over and over.

Just about every type of industry has purchased and used Recycling Sciences Industrial solvent recycling equipment, from Airlines to Zither manufacturers. Every purchaser of Recycling Sciences Industrial solvent recycling systems has increased his profits and each has helped the environment in countless ways.

Features of the RSI-14, the RSI-23 and the RSI-30 portable systems: